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Beautiful Vinegars from Italy and France

when you want to add a stylish layer of sweet or sour to your life

In a world awash with vinegars, these are our favorites.
The thick consistency, pink, white or ruby red colors, and classic flavors
make all of our choices a pleasure to use.

San Giacomo Essenzaleonardi saba

The luxurious taste of balsamic adds a new dimension to any dish, elevating simple vegetable from ordinary to sublime. Don't be fooled by "grocery store" brands - look for the real thing.
And just what is the real thing, you ask?
How does a lowly vinegar come to reap such praise?
As far back as 900 years ago, vintners in the Modena, Italy region were making balsamic vinegar
which was taken as a tonic and bestowed as a mark of favor to those of importance.

Although it is considered a wine vinegar, it is not a wine vinegar at all.
It is not made from wine but from grape pressings that have never been permitted to
ferment into wine.

Sweet white Trebbiano grape pressings are boiled down to a dark syrup and then aged under
rigid restrictions. The syrup is placed into oaken kegs, along with a vinegar "mother," and begins the aging process.
Over the years it graduates to smaller and smaller kegs made of chestnut, cherry wood, ash,
mulberry, and juniper until it is ready for sale. All of these woods progressively add character to
the vinegar. As it ages, moisture evaporates out, further thickening the vinegar
and concentrating the flavor.

When it comes to wine vinegars, we offer a spectacular assortment of both red and white wine vinegar choices. We focus on small producers who use classic techniques Convenient spray vinegars from Italy, and all natural fruit vinegars from France are a few of our choices.

Don't be afraid to experiment. Something like a slice of watermelon goes from ordinary to spectacular with a dash of this ruby red treasure.
Add a touch to your fish before grilling, or a drop or two on top of your gelato -
you'll be amazed with the results.
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San Giacomo Agro
San Giacomo Agro di Mosto- 3.4 ozs. Balsamic Vinegar
List Price: $25.00
Our Price: $22.00
Save $3.00!

agro - the heart of balsamic vinegar