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Our great find!
Savini Dwarf Peaches with Truffles - 6 ozs.
Dwarf Peaches with black summer truffle slices
A truly unique garnish, try these lovely little gems
with everything from salads to Martinis.
Your friends will be dazzled.

dwarf peaches

Unlike anything you've ever had, the dwarf peaches are
mature and firm, There's a tart brine taste that balances
the earthy flavor of the black truffle slices.
dwarf peaches

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Seasoning food is fundamental. Whether it's exotic like Harissa or Golden Vadouvan, or straight forward like sea salt from Sicily or cane sugar from Swaziland, using an herb, spice, seasoning or blend can be a game changer. Balancing sweet and savory comes with practice and a sense of adventure. Always shop for spices in small quantities. Freshness is the key. Read the label and learn where it's from. Like many other food products, the better quality items may be more pricey, but they're worth their weight in gold. Explore our choices and be brave!
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Himalayen Pink Salt with ceramic grinder - 13.5 ozs. La Perruche Pure Cane Rough Cut Brown Sugar Cubes - 1.10 lb. Sal de Ibiza Fleur de Sel e Rose - 125g - 4.4oz. Sal de Ibiza Fleur de Sel in crock with ceramic spoon - 4.4oz.
Our Price: $25.00
Our Price: $13.00
Our Price: $24.00
SALE PRICE: $23.00
Our Price: $24.00
SALE PRICE: $20.00
pink sea salt from the Himalayans La Perruche Pure Cane Rough Cut Brown Sugar Cubes - 1.10 lb. rose fleur de sel fleur de sel
all natural pink salt with a grinder
delicate sweet cane sugar cubes Spanish fleur de sel for a worthy cause
Spanish fleur de sel un a ceramic crock with spoon
See Smell Taste #4103 - Piment D'Espelette (Espelette Pepper), 1.1-Ounce Tin See Smell Taste #4108- Pimenton de la Vera - Smoked Pakrika - 1 oz. See Smell Taste Harissa Mix - #7166 - 22.6 gr
Our Price: $16.00
SALE PRICE: $15.00

Free Shipping

Our Price: $16.00
SALE PRICE: $14.00

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Our Price: $13.00

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See-Smell-Taste See-Smell-Taste See-Smell-Taste
authentic French Espelette fiery paprika from Spain essential ingredient of middle eastern cuisine