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One of nature's sweetest miracles is honey. The health benefits of it are well documented throughout history. In the market place today you have to shop carefully. Country of origin, floral species, and purity of content are all falsified by unscrupulous manufacturers who have no respect for the product. We offer pure honey from Italy harvested in the old world tradition and bottled in very small quantities.
No - this is not the same honey that comes out of the cute little bear!

Our preserved fruit has been carefully chosen from small producers from Italy and France. Both Fabbri and Grande Distilleries Peureux produce their products using select fruits, pure cane sugar premium syrups. No pectin, thickeners, or flavorings are ever used used. The fruit flavor comes through in every bite. Next to home made, it simply doesn't get any better.

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mieli thun honeysuckle honey
Mieli Thun Melato di Sulla -French Honeysuckle- all natural Italian Honey - 8.8 ozs.
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French Honeysuckle- light and floral