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It's magical how everything tastes better when you share it with family and friends, and this is the best time to share! Christmas may technically be a Christian holiday, but the world has come to embrace this time of year. No matter what you celebrate, do it with an open heart and style. We've chosen some our favorite items to feature in this years' assortment, and I hope that you'll find something here that you want to share as well. We bring in a limited quantity of specialty items for the holidays so act fast because when they're gone, they're gone.

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DeCarlo Artichokes Merry Maraschino DeCarlo Bella di Cerignola Olives
2 Pack - Tillen Farms Merry Maraschino Cherries - 13.5 ozs. each each
Our Price: $16.00
SALE PRICE: $15.00
Save $5.00!
DeCarlo Bella di Cerignola Olives - 20 ozs. net. wt.
Our Price: $17.00 Bella di Cerignola- the queen of olives
SALE PRICE: $16.00
Save $2.00!

DeCarlo grilled artichoke hearts- a rare treat for from Puglia, Italy a big beautiful red cherry
Bella di Cerignola - huge fleshy green olives
organic-pasta truffle honey San Giacomo Agro
2 Pack - Verrigni Antico Pastificio Gold Die Cut Spaghetti- 1.1 lbs. each
Our Price: $20.00
SALE PRICE: $16.00
Save $24.00!

the ultimate decadence - Italy's finest pasta beautiful golden honey with the rich flavor of white truffle agro - the heart of balsamic vinegar
amarena cherries griottine cherries Gift Certificate
Fabbri Amarena Cherries - 21 ozs.
Our Price: $23.00
Save $3.00!

Gift Certificate
Our Price: $25.00
Amarena Cherries from Italy 15% alcohol by volume Morello cherries The perfect gift for that hard to shop for gourmet lover in your life! Personalize the certificate with a message. An account is set up for your lucky recipient and the git certificate is posted as a credit. They never expire and there are no restrictions on their use. We can either mail the gift certificate to your recipient via snail mail or email it to them, Just let us know!

fleur de sel truffle honey traditional panettone
Maison Pebeyre - White Truffle Honey - 8.8 ozs.
Our Price: $30.00
SALE PRICE: $28.00
Save $7.00!

Pariani Traditional Hazelnut Panettone- 1.5 lb.
Our Price: $40.00
SALE PRICE: $35.00
Spanish fleur de sel in a ceramic crock with spoon
Maison Pebeyre French honey with the rich flavor of white truffle

A delicious holiday tradition, available now

griottine cherries
15% alcohol by volume Morello cherries
limited quantities available